Client & Visitor reviews

Essence of the Desert pool

1. "Thank you for the chance of visiting your fine house last Tuesday. I sent a thank you note to the clients.  Congratulations on a fine piece of architecture, clear and sensitive at the same time." - Juhani Pallasmaa, Helsinki, Finland.

2. " I have known Amit Upadhye for twelve years. At some point, most architects will succumb to the lure of India, Kahn, Corbusier and the ancient history of one of the world’s most unique cultures. When Amit appeared in my life, I inherently knew I would soon fulfill my dream of time travel. Thanks to Amit’s persistence and organizational skills, I and four other courageous architects had the amazing experience of India. It was only two weeks in a country thousands of years old but we returned different, and better thanks to Mr. Upadhye’s passion for teaching the cultural relevance of history and architecture… clearly.

I think the best teachers spend their lives as students. Amit is always eager to learn and share the knowledge. His ability to express complexity, enthusiasm and possibility makes any of his subjects compelling.

You will also see from Amit’s resume and portfolio, even at his young age, he is an accomplished architect with elegant built work. Also, he has worked with some great architects who recognized his innate abilities and chose to mentor the young man by sharing their profound insights so he could carry them forward with his own voice.

This is my 36th year as a practicing architect. I know talent when I see it." - Eddie Jones, Jones Studio Inc, Tempe, Arizona.

3. "Thank you for the tour of your house - A beautiful home, carefully turned into celebrating the desert and the family's daily life." - Prof. Max Underwood, ASU, Tempe, Arizona

"I enjoyed the tour at the "Spirit of the Senses" Salon! Your attention to detail was only exceeded by your sensitivity of orientation to the heavens".- Ron Mark, Scottsdale, Arizona.

4. "Amit, you were brought in halfway into our project and appreciate you taking over what was given to you.

The additions you brought to the house will always be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come." - Terry Woodruff

5. "Amit Upadhye designed the home we remodeled in Scottsdale.  He was a true pleasure to work with.  What I appreciated most were Amit’s personal commitment, his outstanding creativity, his continued communication throughout the project and his wonderful personality. There were times throughout when we had different visions. We would debate what was best and why.  Sometimes Amit modified  his design to meet my thoughts and sometimes he spent time explaining his vision and convinced me he was right. That is why we ended up with the beautiful home we love. If you are lookin for an architect to help you achieve the home you are dreaming of and to enjoy the journey, I highly recommend Amit. " - Terri

6. "Congratulations! This(Voyage Phoenix interview) is a nice piece and it’s fun to read about your professional journey. I especially love this part, “I have a very small boutique architectural studio, where I craft projects with great attention to detail infused with poetics, pragmatics, and philosophy to enrich the user experience.” I am excited to work with you on our home. It’s a great property and I’d like to make it ours. " - Kim Albrecht